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Cube 3


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Light The Way

Blue-i UK were a UK start up company who saw a market for portable high intensity LED lighting products.  A market already existed for Compact Flourescent and Halogen products that are notoriously fragile.

We were approached with a brief to design a battery powered LED light that was super tough, good looking and simple to operate.  Cube3 suceeded in completing the project on time and in budget.  It was nominated for best safety product at the H&S award.

Blue-i UK were later aquired by Pelican Products on the strength of this initial product.  We continue to work with Pelican Products on further remote area lighting solutions to this day.

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Paragon RT produced the prototypes for this project prior to tooling.  These models were used for initial assembly checks, user feedback trials and promotional photography.  For a case study on this project please go here