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Cube 3


This is the glamourous stage of the design process.  The one that everyone gets excited about, us included.  This is where we explore the possiblilities and evolve them into clear and concise concepts. There are many ways in which we can conceptualise a product.  This is often dictated by the type of project.  Listed below are some of the ways we do this;

Blue Sky Thinking - This is where we imagine where a company's products could go in the future.  It could be a technology change, a market shift, or simply exploring new ideas without too many barriers to innovation.

Conceptual Sketchwork - Simple sketchwork is used to explore a broad range of ideas quickly and efficiently.  Rendered sketches are used for presentation to clients and other stakeholders.

3D CAD Concepts - If product geometry is very important at an early stage then 3D CAD can be produced.  More time consuming than sketches but the images produced from these models can appear photorealistic.

Space Models - Physical models are sometimes used to better comunicate form and size of a proposed concept.  These can be very helpful for making decisions.

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