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The final stage of any project is to ensure that it is fully engineered and is supported where necessary with a data pack for manufacturing.  The quality of this data is vital to the smooth transition to production.  If the information produced at the end of a project is not fully documented and revision managed, who knows what you may end up with 6 months down the line!  Below is a little more about what we do...

Fits and tolerancing - Any product that is destined for  manufacture should have been fit and tolerance engineered to ensure that all parts go together as intended.

Revision managed data pack - To ensure that your production partners build your product to a known standard is vital.  It's not so much about when things are running smoothly... it's about when it all goes wrong and you can pinpoint the exact reason that production is no longer meeting your standards.

Tooling liaison - If a project has moulded, cast, stamped or extruded parts it is essential to work closely with your tooling partners to ensure that parts have been made to the right specification.  We oversee this transition period from the virtual world to the real by working closely with manufacturing partners.

Pre-production samples - We have a large workshop and storage facility allowing us to get involved with assembling pre-production batches prior to full production.  This can be useful on more complex products to iron out any assembly procedures before comitting to full production assembly.

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